Microsoft’s new business management tools connect people, data, and processes to grow, evolve, and transform your organization

Microsoft LogoWhat do you get one of the world’s most trusted technology companies launches a new product to help manage and run your business? An advanced set of powerful tools and applications that will transform your processes and connect your team.

Fully integrated CRM & ERP to engage customers and empower employees

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of cloud-based applications intended to assist organizations with accounting, management, sales, marketing, operations, customer service, and much more. By having a suite of tools that streamlines and connects your operations, you get a system which allows you to go from invoice to cash collection without ever having to leave Outlook. It’s a single, unified platform designed to enhance your CRM software, ERP systems, and accounting functions, all while saving you time.

With all of its dynamic features, your systems, data, and people will be more connected than ever. The comprehensive, real-time information at your fingertips will help you make better, more informed decisions. And because you’re working with Microsoft-based technology, the apps will connect and communicate seamlessly with much of the technology you’re already using.

Dynamics 365 is fully integrated with the entire Microsoft suite

Dynamics 365 Financials ScreenshotImplementing new software on an organizational level can be difficult, especially when the technology is meant to run your entire business end-to-end. But with their modular, app-based approach, Dynamics 365 allows you to implement the new apps on a step-by-step basis, using what you’re ready for now and adding more once you’re comfortable. This approach minimizes up-front expenditures, gives your team time to learn, and allows you to roll out changes on your own schedule.  

Dynamics 365 has the extra bonus of being fully integrated with the entire Microsoft suite of technology, including Office. What does that mean for users? First, implementation is easier, as your team can continue to use the essential applications they normally do to perform day-to-day tasks. The module-based applications that come with Dynamics 365 will work seamlessly with Office, giving you more data and capabilities from the applications you’re currently using. For instance, information and reports from Dynamics 365 can be easily exported to Excel, giving you an organized, comprehensive set of data to make more informed decisions without having to enter the data into a spreadsheet manually. For more formal reports, PivotTables and PivotCharts can be easily created, giving you greater insight in a fraction of the time.

Scalability to meet your needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365Dynamics 365 is fully scalable to your organization’s needs. You can purchase individual apps, small plans of packaged apps, or one of their two larger packages, Business (for organizations with up to 250 people) or Enterprise (for large organizations).

The Business edition, for organizations with up to 250 team members includes apps for financials, sales, customer service, and marketing. Enterprise also includes apps for operations, field service, project service automation, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Flow. For a full list of the different package and pricing options,
click here.  

Enhanced security from Microsoft Azure

Security and privacy are concerns for companies of every size. Dynamics 365 utilizes Microsoft’s Azure platform, giving you powerful security and encryption tools to mitigate potential threats to your organization. You also have the ability to assign role-based security for your team, giving individual users rights and protecting yourself from mistakes and threats from within as well as outside. As the world’s workplace turns to cloud-based solutions and utilizes multiple devices to achieve results, this extra layer of security is essential. For organizations with security needs but limited resources, this facet alone makes Dynamics 365 enticing, especially at its price point.

The power of Microsoft to manage and operate your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers something that isn’t available anywhere else. An interconnected suite of applications to manage a disparate set of challenges your organization faces. Designed to be forward- and customer-facing while managing behind-the-scenes tasks, it assists you in everything from accounting to sales and marketing. Rather than a piecemeal approach to blend technologies created by different companies and attempt to get them to function together, you have a suite of applications that are designed to communicate with each other, giving you information and power while saving your time. If that sounds like something that your company needs, see what Dynamics 365 can do for you today.

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