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If are selecting an accounting solution soon, now is a great time to be in the market. Today, you can choose from many feature-rich options at affordable price points. But how can you maximize your chances for success when selecting – and implementing – an accounting solution? This is where our K2 instructors can help you. Leverage the years of experience with different accounting software solutions that our instructors have. This site is a compendium of independent software reviews for all the solutions you should be looking at, organized by your needs.

The environment for selecting a small business accounting solution has never been better. Competition has forced software publishers to raise the bar in terms of the quality of their solutions while keeping prices in check. Further, you can choose from a robust set of solutions in both Cloud-based environments and traditional on-premise deployments. Browse our Software reviews and the different solutions by type, firm size and specialty functions to help you make your choice! By leveraging our knowledge of Accounting software you can help to ensure that the solution you choose is the right one to maximize the success of your small business. Best of luck with this process!

CPA Program Recommendations

Many companies offer significant discounts and benefits to accounting firms so the firms will recommend their products and services to their client base. Some of the programs represent simply a “free account” for the CPA, while others offer thousands of dollars of savings, special support queues, product training, and other benefits. Check out our most recommended solutions here! 

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Software Solutions By type

From the best solutions in Audit to Write-Up we have these programs organized so that you can see all your options and make the best choice for your organization’s individual needs.

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