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XCM works with organizations to reduce turnaround times on client deliverables, such as tax returns, Client Accounting Services, and Audit Engagements which the publisher claims delivers a 5 times return on their investment. XCM can benefit organizations who need to decrease business process timeframes by streamlining work routing to address bottlenecks, improving visibility across projects, and reducing the risk of costly errors.


  • Provides automated tracking and workflow for business processes across all departments, including Tax, Audit, Client Accounting Services, HR, Operations, IT, etc.
  • Allows firms to mirror their actual workflow process within a Web application interface hosted on HTML5. Works horizontally with the firm’s current tax, document management, and practice management software.
  • Allows each employee to have a custom home page, a My View page, that acts as a detailed daily to do list, and includes the steps required to complete tasks keeping everyone organized and efficient.
  • Allows easy access to all the task information and related source documents through a digital control sheet that is accessible from the user’s home page.
  • Provides advanced, query-based reporting that users can filter and sort, based on specified criteria in real time.
  • Provides the ability to see the amount of work assigned to each person at any given time, and to easily move tasks and projects around to balance workloads
  • Serves as a strategic management tool for partners and managers. 
  • Integration with CCH Document and Practice Management software, Windows Explorer, and Web-based Document Management Systems
  • Available Modules:
  • XCMmobile® for access to key, on-the-go functionality from any mobile device;
  • XCMworkflow® for a centralized database for all past, current, and future projects;
  • Xpitax® Tax and CAS Outsourcing to help address staffing challenges and workload compression

Brief Product Description and Pricing

XCM is a very powerful application that includes features and benefits not found in tracking and/or document management solutions currently marketed to the accounting industry. Pricing is by user, contact them to learn more.


Commentary (The following is provided by the Editor with notes and comments from others.)

  • Various reminders are set throughout the application to help enforce standardized processes, so that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Automatic creation of recurring tasks based on specific parameters defined, including information to carry forward, date of creation (in a recurring pattern), to whom the task is assigned, saving time in bookkeeping processes, quarterly tax payments, and any other re-occurring functions.
  • Automated generation of emails from XCM to employees informing them of a status change on one of their client’s returns.
  • At the click of a button, automated population of email from the firm to the client, including questions posted in XCM by firm’s staff.
  • An area in XCM to be able to record your assembly and shipping instructions for your administrative staff, saving time throughout the process.
  • Detailed reports for each return that display all parties involved in completing the task, all actions performed on the task is routed, and the specific path and dates that the task is routed throughout the office.
  • From the home page and profile sheet, employees can see which returns have been extended, e-file information and detailed shipping information including who, how and when the return was delivered to the taxpayer.
  • A complete automated tracking and monitoring solution for the E-filing process, from the time the consent form is mailed to the client to the time that the government acceptance form is received.
  • XCM is hosted by the third largest hosting facilitator in the world, insuring the highest level of security.

From the Publisher

Connect your team.  Simplify your processes.  Position yourself for the future.

XCM offers a complete productivity enablement and workflow platform, empowering firms to streamline and automate processes to manage all types of work, firm or department wide, across multiple offices. XCM is an open platform system that works horizontally across tax, accounting, finance, audit, and operations applications. XCM manages millions of processes each year and empowers professionals to get more work completed, in less time, with greater quality.

The cloud based platform is device and browser-agnostic and offers real-time anywhere, anytime access to work. Though XCM integrates with several popular tax and accounting packages, the real payback is in your greatest asset your people.

XCM Is Productivity, Simply Enabled

XCM solutions include XCMworkflow® and Xpitax® Outsourcing all designed by tax and accounting process experts to help you work more efficiently and effectively in a digital environment. By maximizing the efficiency of your processes, giving you real-time access to data, connecting your team, creating flexibility, and boosting productivity, XCM can free up valuable time and create a happier, more productive workplace.

XCM has become a key piece of the technology equation for the tax and accounting industry. With real-time access to the data you need, in one central location, XCM empowers businesses to measure and optimize for continuous improvement year over year.

XCM’s customer-guided development process has helped their clients continuously raise the bar for business process automation. In addition to ongoing product enhancements and dedicated client service representatives, XCM provides control over your tasks and deliverables with visibility across your entire organization. Instill accountability at all levels with a flexible platform designed to meet the pace of your business and help your get more done with less.

Because of its SaaS model, XCM can be implemented in most environments quickly and easily in less than 6 weeks. New users will receive a welcome kit that includes a short, easy-to-follow implementation checklist to help you better understand the process; a client import tool to help you populate XCM with your current client data; as well as a training overview and schedule with flexible training options for you and your team.

XCM also offers complimentary training options, as well as pre- and post-implementation consulting services to firms that request additional guidance. A dedicated client service representative will ensure you are all set post-implementation as well. 

By connecting people through process and technology, your organization will be better informed, more efficient, and free of many of the redundant tasks of the past. If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level and achieve a better work-life balance, let XCM Solutions help automate your workflow and boost your productivity.

Workflow automation

The XCM workflow and productivity enablement platform works with your existing technology and processes to move your business away from the constraints of a physical office and towards the power of a cloud-based, paperless environment. Whether you’re a Partner/CEO, Manager, or Individual Contributor, XCM provides the tools you need to do your job as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Designed by business process experts from top tax, accounting, and finance organizations, XCM addresses common pain points and empowers businesses by providing a way to more easily access information to inform key business decisions. XCM has one of the fastest implementation timeframes for software of its kind, and custom training options can have your business up and running within 6 weeks.

Click here to read XCM’s free whitepaper, How Workflow Technology Can Transform Your Accounting Practice.

Staffing challenges? Try Xpitax Outsourcing

XCM’s Xpitax Tax and Client Accounting Services (CAS) Outsourcing allows you to free up your practice’s resources all year long, and especially during busy season, by providing access to virtual, highly trained team members whose technical skills align with business needs. Xpitax team members help reduce seasonal and long-term staffing challenges, as well as employee burnout. By relieving some of the tax preparation and accounting services burdens, XCM allows your talent to focus on higher-value services. Even better, while your clients retain the same level of satisfaction, your staff doesn’t suffer burnout, giving you a happier and more productive team with less turnover. To learn more about how XCM can help make next year’s tax season less stressful, check out Xpitax Outsourcing.

XCM is all about productivity solutions

If you’re ready to embrace what technology created by accounting professionals for accounting professionals can do for your business, you’re ready for XCM. By combining their incredible software with personalized service and training, they’re able to find solutions and efficiencies that will transform the way you do business. If you want satisfied clients, a happier staff, and increased productivity, contact XCM today to see what they can do for you.

Technical specs

Technical Specifications

Web-based, browser- and device-agnostic application; all client information and reports are accessible remotely on any Internet browser at any time, from anywhere.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

Tight integration with CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business.

Business information

Company History and Contact Information

XCM Solutions was born from an accounting firm that was one of the early pioneers in the development of the paperless office. In 1999, the accounting firm, KAF Financial Group, became one of the first CPA firms in the country to fully adopt the paperless philosophy. It was through that understanding of the mix between technology and the process, that Founder & Chairman Mark Albrecht first conceived XCM as the engine to support the totally paperless workflow solution used in his outsourcing company, Xpitax LLC.

In its earlier stages, XCM was developed to handle the workflow for returns that were outsourced, however, Mark and his accounting firm envisioned a much greater use of the technology they developed. They determined that the same technology that allowed their CPA firm clients to outsource returns could be developed and used to support the entire workflow process that takes place internally inside an accounting firm to make it more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. The end result was the development of their two products: Xpitax Outsourcing used to control the offshore workflow process, and XCM to control the in-house workflow process.

The XCM team is comprised of former CPAs and industry experts with extensive experience in the accounting industry. The combined knowledge of this group of people provides the company with a clear understanding of the issues facing accounting firms on a daily basis and the foresight to develop technology that can be used to overcome those issues. The common goal is to help clients streamline their internal workflow process using simple and intuitive cloud-based solutions.

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