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Best Fit

  • Results CRM, Results Project, and Results CRM Business Suite (features described below) are different feature sets of the award-winning Results CRM application suite.
  • The database engine for Small Business Solutions is Microsoft Access, and Enterprise Solutions use the full Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express.
  • Small Business Solutions are a best fit for small to mid-sized organizations from two users to a maximum of 15 users, and generally offer the best performance for organizations with 15,000 or fewer contacts.
  • Enterprise Solutions are a best-fit for mid-sized to enterprise customers who need an unlimited number of users and contacts, and are a best fit for organizations who need the increased power of the full Microsoft SQL Server. Enterprise Solutions also offer optional Web Access and integrated Web Portals for remote web-based access to the system.
  • All Results products are offered as a Windows-based or a remotely-hosted solution.
  • The Enterprise solutions are also offered in a web-based software as a service (SaaS) solution called Results for the Web, which requires no network or application infrastructure other than a compatible web browser and a high speed internet connection for anytime, anywhere convenience without the “rent-for-life” cost normally associated with SaaS applications.
  • Results CRM is an affordable and scalable solution. For information on pricing, please click here. Specific prices for volume purchases are available from the company or one of its partners upon request.


  • Provides a comprehensive view of the business with instant access and reporting for all data.
  • Rich functionality and ability to integrate process and project management and CRM.
  • Tight integrations to Outlook and QuickBooks.
  • One centralized database architecture simplifies administrative tasks and reporting.
  • Workflow integration allows for automation of sales, marketing, and project management. (Workflow integration for Projects is available in Results CRM Plus, and Results CRM Business Suite)
  • Hosted Results requires no application infrastructure other than a compatible web browser and a high speed internet connection.

Brief Product Description and Pricing

  • Results CRM allows you to track sales opportunities and service delivery, generate work orders, schedule personnel, analyze business information and produce management reports.
  • Results CRM Plus extends the power of Results CRM by adding project management, contract management and enhanced business process automation functionality.
  • Results Business Suite allows users to track and manage workflows associated with product pricing, inventory, invoices, expenses and payments.
  • Results for the Web (R4W) is the web-based version of the award-winning Results CRM solutions, and provides browser-based support for mobile workers and satellite or virtual offices. With R4W, users can view all data in their CRM software through any computer with an internet connection.

Technical Specifications

  • The on-premises versions of Results CRM, Result Project, and Results CRM Business Suite are available in small business and enterprise versions.
  • The small business version of Results runs on a built-in Microsoft Access database engine, and supports up to 15 users. This version does not require a server, and can support remote workers through the use of a virtual private network or a remote desktop connection.
  • The enterprise version of Results requires Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express running on a peer-to-peer or server-based network infrastructure, and supports an unlimited number of users and contacts. This version supports simultaneous Windows and web access.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

  • Results CRM integrates with QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook. ( Note: QuickBooks integration is bi-directional and does NOT require QB licenses for each employee)
  • Users of Enterprise Solutions have two additional features which can be used

    - Results for the Web
    - Time Management Portal

Representative Client List

  • The Sleeter Group, Inc.
  • Kelly, Anderson & Associates
  • Grespania Ltd.
  • Davis Accounting Group
  • Mettle Computer Solutions
  • Profitable Accounting LLC
  • Sangat Precision

Company History and Contact Information

  • Founded in 1985, Results Software provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Management Solutions to a diverse client base. Results helps organizations of all sizes streamline their operations, improve efficiencies and increase their performance with its award-winning software and services. Results offers a wide range of services to customers, including consulting, systems analysis, custom programming, data conversion, custom reports and training.
  • Results Software
    620 Herndon Parkway; Suite 350
    Herndon, Virginia 20170

    (800) 713-7013 / (703) 430-9110 Telephone
    (703) 713-6050 Fax

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