APS Advance

APS Advance

Website: www.aps-advance.com

Catagory: Practice Management Software


Best Fit

Mid-size to large firms needing customized practice management or integration with existing software architecture; suitable for firms of 25 or more professionals.


  • Offers strong configuration options to adapt to most firm needs
  • Microsoft SQL platform provides user scalability and unified reporting platform
  • Designed around project management rather than time management
  • Additional modules available to further enhance management and reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, including Excel as ad hoc report writer

Brief Product Description and Pricing

APS Advance Practice Management is the centerpiece of the Advance suite of product offerings from APS, providing a variety of solutions for accounting and consulting firms. The system has been developed in-house rather than through acquisitions and has been built upon the Microsoft SQL platform since 1997.

The interface design of APS Advanced Practice Management is similar to Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010. Most users will focus on the To Do list feature that shows all outstanding projects and tasks along with target due dates and accumulated time information. Depending on user rights, users may also view projects and tasks associated with other users. The interface is fully customizable for each user, but may be standardized throughout the system by implementing templates. Since the system is built on the Microsoft SQL platform, user scalability is easily achieved, especially for larger accounting firms.

Pricing for the core module, including all time and billing functions, staff management, client contact management, project management and workflow starts at $300 per user. Additional modules and customization options are available and are generally priced per user dependent on needs.

Commercial Logic, Inc. is the sole distributor of APS Advance in North America.


Technical Specifications

A Microsoft client-server solution requiring SQL Server 2005 or above, Windows XP or above, Office 2003 or above, and Internet Explorer 7 or above.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

APS Advanced Practice Management takes a different approach to project management. The system was designed from the ground up for project management and the time and billing functions were integrated within this design. Thus there is a much tighter feel to the overall practice management setup. APS Advance Practice Management allows each firm to design their own workflow templates. During company setup these templates are used to create standard projects and associated tasks and these are assigned to clients as appropriate, thus achieving consistency of function and reporting across the firm.

APS Advance provides an open SQL Server database and it is the policy of APS and Commercial Logic to work with other vendors and their databases for the benefit of the mutual client. APS Advance has been successfully integrated with a number of accounting systems, including Quickbooks Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics.

Representative Client List (where applicable)

Mohler, Nixon & Williams (195 users); Geffen Mesher & Company, P.C. (85 users); Cummings, Keegan & Co., P.L.L.P (50 users).

Company History and Contact Information

Commercial Logic focuses on quality service and best-practice solutions to help accounting firms manage their clients, engagements and staff more effectively.

Commercial Logic has specialized in practice management software for CPA firms since 1983, providing the tools and services required to manage successful practices. Commercial Logic, Inc. is privately owned and operated with offices in Hanover, NH 03755. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; call us at 603-643-1900.

Commercial Logic is the sole distributor of APS Advance in North America.

APS is a relationship-focused organization that integrates award-winning practice software with a robust process for making technology more accountable in your business. Its accounting and consulting firm clients benefit from solutions designed specifically for their business requirements.

APS Advance Practice Management is currently installed in about 900 firms world-wide, serving approximately 30,000 professionals. APS is in use in 75% of the top 100 firms in Australia and New Zealand, including a number of big four offices.

APS is based in Sydney, Australia with additional offices in Melbourne, Auckland and London. Visit their website at aps-advance.com.