Sage 300

(formerly Sage Accpac)

Category: Accounting Software

Class: Mid-Range to SME Accounting and Business Management

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Best Fit

  • Small business 5 to 100 users – general to advanced accounting needs
  • Easily Scaleable. Selectable database at install time.
  • Industry specific implementations, strong distribution, auotmotive and industrial compatibility.


  • Solid distribution and light manufacturing
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Records encrypted credit card information in selected modules.
  • Strong multi-language multi-currency features. Print checks for multiple banks and languages when processing Accounts Receivable refunds.
  • Specifies a tax reporting currency and automatically calculate taxes in the source currency, functional currency, and the tax reporting currency.
  • Uses enhanced integrity checker to verify that P/O committed amounts equal those displayed in Contract Maintenance
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Brief Product Description and Pricing

  • Sage 300 has had a long history and is both well recognized and respected in the United States, as well as Canada. Sage was one of the first companies to redesign its solutions for web processing and the product is fully web enabled.
  • Being one of the very few platform independent solutions, Sage 300 is at home on Windows, as well as Linux-based workstations and servers and integrates with a number of highly scalable database solutions.
  • The average install price for Sage 300 is between $10,000 and $60,000, however, because the product is so database and infrastructure independent, its pricing varies widely. We suggest you contact Sage, or a reseller for a price estimate the meets you needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Platform independent in that the product may be code compiled for Windows, Linux, or Unix.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2017 or 2019 on Windows Server 2016 or 2019 are supported for use as the database server for Sage 300 2022.
  • The 64-bit versions of Windows 10 are supported as the workstation operating system for Sage 300 2022.
Technical specs

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

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Company History and Contact Information

Sage began as a small business and has grown beyond what seemed imaginable. Today, over 11,000 employees now support millions of entrepreneurs across more than 20 countries as they power the global economy. Built in Canada for Canadian businesses, Sage 300 has been recognized as Canada’s #1 ERP software 

Contact information;

271 17th Street Northwest
Atlanta, Georgia 30363
(888) 304-3805