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Operating a modern practice in the information age requires a modern platform which uses your existing firm and client data to help you serve clients more efficiently and effectively. The massive amount of data available from clients and from our systems is a potential strategic asset for firms and represents a potential liability for firms who are stuck in the past. Only by measuring, summarizing, and reporting performance data in near real time can we offer the truly proactive service demanded by our clients.
It’s past time to retire your ticker colored pencil, any remaining columnar pads, and your adding machine to bring your firm and its client service into the twenty-first century. Modern firms need to work with integrated, cloud-based applications which have modern interfaces, an open platform, and which share a common database and are accessible from anywhere at any time. These firms must embrace the automation of traditional tasks to improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of their engagements as they transition their practice into new markets and new services.
Learn more about how your firm can use data proactively by downloading a white paper written by K2’s Brian Tankersley, “Leveraging Data and Technologies for Sustainable Competitive Advantageâ€� by clicking here