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Gravity Software™ is a good match for mid-market businesses looking for the next step accounting solution to replace their current entry-level application. Gravity provides a real-time, 360-degree view of your financials and operations with just one database to manage. With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, information is truly transparent. Operate easily from anywhere, at any time without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications. From multi-company accounting and multi-location inventory to subscription billing and revenue recognition, Gravity Software covers it all.

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Gravity Software Capabilities

Gravity Software is the only coud-based accounting solution built from the ground up on the Microsoft Power Platform, providing small to medium size businesses the ability to choose the features they need for their unique business. Gravity's online business solution allows you to easily navigate from back office financials to front office sales, service, and marketing with no need for multiple databases or programs. Business leaders gain real-time visibility into their operations, resulting in the ability to make more informed decisions that impact margins and ultimately improve cash flow.

  • Multi-Entity – Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one database. This robust feature allows for the automated transfer of master files and consolidates reports for multiple organizations on demand.
  • Bill of Materials – Automate your business’s assembly of products in one streamlined solution. Users can build any BOM, even multi-level BOMs.
  • Value-Added (VAT) Taxes – For international users, you can manage both US-based and Foreign taxes in one application.
  • Multi-Location Inventory – Track inventory in multiple warehouses, giving you real-time information about your stock.
  • Multi-Currency – Ability to setup the Organization currency, utilize a different currency for each entity, and the ability to use a different currency to process vendor invoices, customer invoices and cash receipt transactions.
  • Full Role-Based Security – Gravity utilizes security roles to control access to your company’s data to ensure that users cannot see information or create documents that you don’t want them to.
  • Complete Transaction Audit Trail – Provides complete data transparency to your activity with a complete audit trail for every transaction.
  • One Button Correction - Correct a transaction with one click and still maintain a full audit trail.
  • Dimensions - Gravity provides the ability to tag every transaction with dimension codes that allows you to track projects, events, or even repairs to specific activities.
  • Advanced Find Queries - Gravity allows you to slice and dice your data with an easy, yet powerful query tool.
  • Revenue Recognition Module – Appropriately recognize revenue and expenses in the period they’re earned.
  • Subscription Billing Module – Take control of recurring billing cycles and automate the creation of future invoices and customer payments.
  • Job Cost Module – Provide real-time insights in the financial status of a job.
  • And more

As a subscription cloud-based accounting software, Gravity allows users to pay as they go. There are no maintenance fees involved, and no need for on-site servers or ongoing maintenance. There are no special report writers to purchase, no high cost of implementation, just pure and simple innovative business technology. 

Let Gravity Software Improve Your Accounting

Don’t just take it from us, let Gravity Software customers do the talking!

“When QuickBooks and Sage couldn’t keep up with our company’s multiple entity needs, we decided to make the switch to an enterprise accounting solution. We were constantly logging in and out of multiple applications to get the data we needed. We needed the ability to run consolidated financials and QuickBooks and Sage were a nightmare when it came to this. We were constantly slowed down, and our growing business needed more. If we had not chosen Gravity, this tedious work would have continued.” – Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance, Alivi

"Being able to implement Gravity with little cost has been the biggest help for our growing dental practice. Some packages cost tens of thousands of dollars – Gravity is the PERFECT solution, from a financial standpoint, for small to medium size businesses with multiple locations." – Michelle Keckler, Accounting Coordinator, The Smile

“We’re now able to get our (previous) months closed by the fourth day of each month, with all reports printed and everything ready to go. It’s just a tremendous savings in terms of screen time and effort. I can get those done way ahead of time, get them planned ... then just jump from one to another and get them closed. It’s almost automatic.” – Robert Everman, COO, Onefire Holding Co.


Raise Your Bottom Line and Control Your Core Business Services with AccountantsWorld’s Accountant-Centric Tools

Since 2003, AccountantsWorld has been helping accounting and payroll professionals maximize their productivity and serve clients better. By providing customizable, cloud-based accounting software, AccountantsWorld can help you grow your bottom line while assisting your clients to do the same.

The entire AccountantsWorld suite of professional cloud solutions has been created with the goal of providing the most value to you and your clients. By connecting you to your clients more than ever before, automating tasks, and reducing data entry duties, AccountantsWorld is able to streamline your processes, reduce overhead, improve relationships, and boost profit margins.

The AccountantsWorld Suite of Solutions

By keeping both you and your clients central to their mission, AccountantsWorld is able to provide industry leading solutions via their suite of technology-based accounting solutions, including:

  • Accounting Power: An accountant-centric, professional-grade system for your firm to perform write-up and trial balance work. Accounting Power includes tools to prepare fully customizable financial statements and a bookkeeping system for your clients.
  • Payroll Relief: The first cloud-based payroll system designed exclusively for accountants. This award-winning solution delivers fast, easy payroll processing with fully automated compliance.
  • The Power Practice System: Featuring five practical, innovative, easy-to-use solutions that seamlessly work together to solve the key issues you face in your day-to-day work. These solutions allow you to collaborate with your clients in an entirely new way, while streamlining your processes to boost your bottom line.
  • After-The-Fact Payroll: Built on the same platform as Payroll Relief for ease-of-use, this program is a fully featured cloud system for year-end compliance.
  • Cloud Cabinet: A document management system and client document portal that combine to easily keep you organized and efficient. Whatever systems you use for tax, accounting, and payroll, Cloud Cabinet makes document handling simple and productive.
  • Website Relief: An easy-to-use website builder designed just for accountant websites. Website Relief includes client portals, a free domain name and email for your firm, and much more.
  • Practice Relief: Enhance your practice with easy-to-use software that performs traditional time and billing functions, while providing reports and analysis that present an accurate portrait of where you stand.

Accounting Power

A premier solution for client accounting services that offers streamlined workflow, bill payment, receivable services, and comprehensive bookkeeping. With Accounting Power, you can perform your client engagements precisely the way you want, better serve each client, add value to your clients’ businesses, and raise your profit margins and relevance.

Created exclusively for accounting professionals, Accounting Power gives your practice the ability to:

  • Offer client accounting services to clients who prefer to offload all of their accounting work to your firm.
  • Work collaboratively with clients who want to share some accounting duties.
  • Offer advisory and outsourced CFO services to clients who need them.
  • Perform write up and trial balance with the utmost efficiency and easily prepare fully customizable financials.

Featuring a fully-integrated G/L system and comprehensive CAS module, this cloud-based platform makes each task you perform easier and faster, including banking, bill payment, accounts receivable, accounts payable, costing, and inventory. The digital check feature also allows you to pay multiple vendors from your desk with a single click.

With Accounting Power, you can take full advantage of powerful, cloud-based capabilities that put you at the center of effective client accounting.

“Accounting Power provides more control. Power Practice has enabled us to truly become the outsourced CFO solution for small business. And it allows me to focus less on processes and procedures and more on clients.” Jim Sosinski, AW

“Accounting Power provides us with real time accounting data that allows me to provide relevant and timely business advice to my clients. I am building stronger relationships with my clients, gaining their trust, and in many ways I am their virtual CFO.” Michael Ripa, EA AW

Best service anywhere. Know that I'll always get quick response from fully knowledgeable and professional staff. Mark Siletski, TrustPilot

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Accounting Power Bookkeeping Capabilities


Let AccountantsWorld Make Your Work Life Easier

If you need technology that works for you, giving you more power to perform while helping your clients achieve their goals, visit today for more information on how they can help you achieve your goals.

Click here to book a one-on-one appointment with an AccountantsWorld specialist. 

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ccountant? Click this link to learn about Zoho's Advisor Programs

Company Overview


Zoho has been developing and delivering business-oriented, Cloud-based solutions for over a decade. This privately-owned organization has approximately 3,500 team members and does not rely on outside investments, helping the company to stay focused on delivering solutions that solve problems, instead of meeting investor demands. Key among Zoho’s corporate values are the company’s commitment to investing in R&D and customer service; in fact, the Zoho currently invests more in these two areas than it does in sales and marketing.

Zoho currently offers a full suite of Cloud-based tools to help businesses solve problems, execute plans efficiently, and provide excellent customer service. Collectively, Zoho refers to this suite as “the operating system for business.” Presently, this suite consists of 35 different solutions in six key areas: 1) Sales & Marketing, 2) Email & Collaboration, 3 ) Business Process, 4) Finance, 5) IT & Help Desk, and 6) Human Resources.  Four key solutions offered by Zoho are discussed below; for information on the entire suite of solutions, please visit

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 Key Solutions Offered by Zoho

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a cloud-based, full-featured accounting tools for small and emerging business. Books provide an organization with a full set of accounting tools so that managers can effectively record and track transactions and prepare the financial and operational reports needed to help ensure that the organization is meeting established objectives.

Zoho offers Books in three subscription models – Basic, Standard, and Professional – and pricing is $9, $19, and $29 per month for an entire organization; there are no per user charges. Free trials are available.

Depending upon the subscription selected, Zoho Books provides functionality in the following areas:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory
  • Project Accounting
  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting Tags

Organization opting to utilize Zoho Books can choose to integrate it with other Zoho services, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Expenses, and Zoho Reports for even greater functionality.

To learn more about Zoho Books, please click here or visit, or watch this recorded webinar.

Zoho CRM

For organizations seeking to implement CRM functionality without the associated hassle, complexity, and expense associated with on-premise software and servers, Zoho CRM provides a powerful and affordable solution to help engage customers and clients. With Zoho CRM, you can track activities and communications associated with all of your organization’s  leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Further, you can automate many of your outbound marketing activities through email templates, website visitor tracking, mass email, and auto-responders. You can even use Zoho CRM to manage your organization’s social media efforts and to generate sales quotes, sales orders, and invoices.

Indicative of many of the tools available from Zoho, one of the areas where Zoho CRM shines is integration with other tools, including those available from Zoho as well as third-parties. For instance, you can integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Projects, Zoho Books, and Zoho Survey, among other Zoho tools. You can also integrage Zoho CRM with Microsoft Office (including Outlook), RingCentral, Twilio, Ringio, Avaya, and various services provided by Google, including Gmail, Sites, and Calendar. Of course, because mobility is critical to many professionals today, Zoho CRM allows you to access your information and perform mission-critical tasks from your mobile device.

Zoho offers a number of CRM plans to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Pricing ranges from $12 to $100 per user, per month, depending on the plan selected. Zoho reports that its most popular plan is Zoho CRM Enterprise and the price for this service is $35 per user, per month.

For more information on Zoho CRM, please click here or visit

Zoho Creator

Being able to quickly develop and deploy custom applications in today’s ever-changing business climate is a critical need for many organizations. Using Zoho Creator, you can create and deliver applications to heal streamline your business processes and encourage collaboration across your organization. Perhaps best of all, you don’t need to be a programmer to create powerful and elegant apps that will help to securely automate business workflows while gaining valuable business insights, even if you are operating in a mobile environment.

Zoho Creator provides a drag-and-drop environment that allows you – even if you are a non-technical user – to create applications with overwhelming ease. It supports workflows that allows you to incorporate branching logic into your applications, making them even more powerful. And with exceptional report-writing capabilities built-in to Zoho Creator, you can create powerful and insightful reports to help make informed and profitable decisions.

Of course, you can integrate Zoho Creator with other Zoho tools, including CRM, SalesIQ, Subscriptions, Books, and Reports. You can also integrate Zoho Creator with various third-party tools, including QuickBooks, PayPal, Google Apps, and Salesforce. And if you need to develop mobile apps, you can use Zoho AppCreator to address that need.

Pricing for Zoho Creator ranges from $5 to $15, per user, per month, depending on the plan selected. Further, you can get started with a free plan that has no limit on the amount of time you can use the tool.

For more information on Zoho Creator, please click here or visit  For more information on Zoho AppCreator, please click here or visit

Zoho Mail

Email is the most widely-used form of business communication today and a company that bills its suite of applications as “the operating system for business” could not be taken seriously if it did not offer business-class email. Zoho Mail provides business professionals with a powerful email tool, without the time-draining hassle of advertisements that sometimes appear in other webmail tools.

Zoho Mail is a true, business-class email service that provides administrators with the ability to create and manage email policies, groups, and quotas. Further, Zoho guarantees a minimum uptime of 99.9% and provides built-in anti-spam and anti-virus controls. You can access Zoho Mail from a browser on your computer, from your mobile device, or from Microsoft Office Outlook. In addition, your Zoho Mail account provides integrated instant messaging and group chat capabilities, making it easier than ever to collaborate. And your Zoho Mail account incorporates access to Zoho Docs, providing you and your team with online tools for word processing (Zoho Writer), presentations (Zoho Show), and spreadsheets (Zoho Sheets).

Paid subscriptions to Zoho Mail (including access to Zoho Docs), range from $2.50 to $10 per user per month, depending on the amount of storage required and features selected. A no-cost subscription to Zoho Mail provides support for up to 25 users, integrated access to Zoho Docs, and 5GB of mailbox storage space and 5GB of Docs storage space, per user.

For more information on Zoho Mail, please click here or visit


Full Listing of Zoho Solutions

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM
  • SalesInbox
  • SalesIQ
  • Survey
  • Campaigns
  • Sites
  • Social
  • Contact Manager
  • Forms
  • Motivator

Email & Collaboration

  • Mail
  • Notebook
  • Docs
  • Projects
  • Connect
  • BugTracker
  • Meeting
  • Vaults
  • Showtime
  • Chat

Business Process

  • Creator
  • AppCreator
  • Reports
  • Site24x7


  • Books
  • Invoice
  • Subscriptions
  • Expense
  • Inventory

IT & Help Desk

  • Desk
  • ServiceDesk Plus
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Assist

Human Resources

  • Recruit
  • People

BQE Core


BQE Core is a comprehensive, powerful, and flexible project accounting solution for professional services firms.

With robust management, time and expense tracking, billing, and accounting capabilities, BQE Core is unique in its breadth and depth. The combination of these features allows for remarkable business intelligence in addition to easy collaboration and streamlined workflows. The outcome? Faster, smarter decision-making, increased efficiency, and improved profits.

Notable information about Core’s features includes:

  • Dashboards: Core lets you configure dashboards the way you want, both in terms of the information displayed and its design. It also has specialized screens for tracking project performance, client performance, and employee performance.

Core Accounting KPI Dashboard

  • Time and Expense: Core offers time and expense tracking in multiple formats, from straightforward timecards to smart timers. Track overtime, compensation time, sick time, vacation, and holidays and record unlimited notes about each entry.

  • Project Management: Core’s project management capabilities include multi-level submittal and approval workflows, resource scheduling, forecasting tools, real-time tracking, and more.

  • Billing: Core’s most notable billing feature is its advanced automation, which saves immense amounts of time and effort. It contains versatile invoicing functions that let you manually or batch process invoices based on retainer, percent completion, fixed fee, hourly, hourly “not to exceed” contracts, and more.

  • Accounting: Core’s accounting module lets you write checks, reconcile accounts, create balance sheets, connect to bank and utility feeds for automatic reconciliation, and more. It also offers a general journal, detailed profit and loss reports, customizable report templates, plus a chart of accounts for income, expense, assets, liability and credit card accounts.

Core Bank Feeds

  • Apps: Core has one of the most extensive mobile apps we've come across - you can send invoices, run reports, receive real-time notifications, and more all from your smartphone.

core mobile screen invoice

  • Integrations: Core’s API technology allows rapid integrations with other cloud-based business tools. Currently it integrates with QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Web Services, and there are many more on the horizon.

Core is cloud-based, so there’s no need for users to install anything, it can be accessed from anywhere, and it doesn’t require updates. Its breakthrough à la carte pricing means that you don’t need to pay for features you don’t use. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans make it the most cost-effective choice for firms with seasonal employees or shifting demand.

Core comes from a company with decades of experience in the professional services industries, with engineers, architects, and accountants on its research and development team. BQE Software prioritizes user feedback and regularly consults with its customers to ensure they’re surpassing their needs and expectations.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a flexible, innovative project accounting solution that will scale with your business, BQE Core is an excellent fit. Its business intelligence is unrivaled in its field, and its automation capabilities for billing, reporting, and more make it a worthy addition to your office.

Additional Resources:
BQE Core for Accountants Video



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Company Overview

Doc.It provides of a complete Suite of document management, workflow and web portal solutions for accounting firms, allowing them to improve their level of client service, reduce data security risks and control cost by consolidating applications.

Doc.It Suite is a complete document management system for managing all documents, communications and tasks within a firm. The complete suite includes a powerful PDF Editor, scan tools, PBC checklists and secure email, allowing firms to replace up to seven pieces of software to conduct core work processes - gathering, processing, storing and delivering documents.

Doc.It integrates with many applications used by accounting firms, including tax software, time and billing applications and MS Office products, and expands the functionality of CaseWare and CCH Engagement users.

For firms who want to get started quickly with simplified document management or a client portal, Doc.It offers two great affordable, easily upgradeable options on the same platform.

Doc.It Explore is a simple and intuitive document management system for firms seeking to reduce paper-based activities. Explore offers OCR/scanning, document check-in/check-out, and work binders to help work teams get organized fast. The full featured PDF editor allows accounting staff to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents in a user-friendly work area.

Doc.It Connect is a secure web portal designed for firms offering tax, accounting, bookkeeping or insolvency services who want to enhance client relationships and improve productivity. Connect allows firms and their clients to share, sign, and manage financial statements, tax returns, invoices, and other documents. The orderly Doc.It file structure keeps everything organized and accessible by authorized users anytime, from any device. Integration with Docusign eSignature for simple electronic signatures.

Server, Hosted or Cloud

Doc.It products can be installed on a firm server, cloud-hosted via a 3rd party hosting provider, or the new SaaS product, Doc.It Cloud, available in 2020.

Award-winning Innovations

Doc.It has received many awards from K2e and other industry leaders:

  • 2019 the Doc.It Portal was recognized by K2e for “Cloud ease of use.”
  • 2018 Doc.It received the K2 Prime Award for overall innovation and leadership.
  • Category winner for the Best Overall Mobile Strategy.
  • Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey 2016 Risk Mitigation Award
  • CPA Practice Advisor 5-Star Award
  • CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award

Learn more about Doc.It. Register for a live webinar and earn CPE credit. Visit for more information.

About Doc.It

Doc.It provides document management, workflow, document storage and web portal products that help accounting firms efficiently gather, process, store and deliver documents. Doc.It solutions improve data security, enhance client services and consolidate applications to improve productivity of accounting firms, CPAs and financial restructuring firms. Our industry expertise delivers greater value, tailored services and customer-driven development. To learn more, visit

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Click here for more information on integrating Doc.It with CaseWare

Click here for more information on integrating Doc.It with ProSystem fx Engagement Suite

Doc.It Archive
stores fully-indexed, bookmarked PDF files with retention policies, independent of the engagement’s originating software. Native “publishing” capabilities allow the creation of fully-bookmarked, searchable PDFs of all documents related to an engagement. The published PDF is then available for sharing from the Doc.It Archive, using the integrated Doc.It Web Portal or email.


Doc.It Inbox is the heart of Doc.It. The Inbox is used for temporary storage and routing of all documents in their original format (e.g. PDF, Excel, Outlook. etc.). From the inbox, documents can be sent to co-workers, filed in Doc.It ® Work Binders or sent to the secure Doc.It Archive.

Doc.It PDF Editor is used to annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append, and highlight documents. Users can also easily run an electronic calculator tape and apply hundreds of accounting-specific tick marks.


Doc.It Policy Manager ensures uniformity across the firm by applying your predetermined file naming and location policy to all documents as they are gathered and then prepared for storage.
Doc.It Scan and Organize supports all types of scanners with built-in features to ensure the accuracy of scanned documents, and optical character recognition (OCR) to render the content searchable, saving time and improving efficiency. As documents are gathered, Doc.It Advanced Forms Recognition (AFR) technology identifies, names, and organizes an unlimited number of document types.

Doc.It Web Portal give clients secure easy access to documents such as financial statements, tax returns, invoices, large bookkeeping files, and any other reports you would like to share and make available to them. PBC list features in the portal allow firms to issue a PBC list, and track progress on client upload of documents.

Doc.It Work Binders are the central location where all documents are organized for preparation and review of work, contain documents in their native file formats. Doc.It Work Binders are organized in a logical template-driven, firm-defined folder structure. With Doc.It Suite at work for your firm, productivity increases because documents are always named and filed correctly and instantly available, which eliminates any time wasted searching.

Doc.It Workflow Doc.It workflow is used for every engagement type. Workflow settings are used to monitor due dates, route or reroute work, and oversee staff workload to identify issues before they occur. The workflow screen displays status of a document or binder which informs the next-in-line a task was completed.

In addition to the specific components outlined above, Doc.It Suite includes native search capabilities that facilitate quick and easy location and identification of documents of interest. Doc.It Suite also contains native “publishing” capabilities, allowing users to create fully-bookmarked, searchable PDFs of all documents related to an engagement. Doc.It Suite automatically stores the published PDF in the Doc.It Archive.


All Doc.It products include unlimited support, free upgrade and updates. No long term contracts.

Doc.It Suite

1-39 users is $36/user/month

40+ users is $26/user/month

Doc.It Connect

$16/user/month regardless of firm size

Doc.It Explore

$21/user/month regardless of firm size

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White Papers


Case studies


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