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Gravity Software is a good match for mid-market businesses looking for the next step accounting solution to replace their current entry-level application. Gravity provides a real-time, 360-degree view of your financials and operations with just one database to manage. With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, information is truly transparent. Operate easily from anywhere, at any time without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications. From multi-company accounting and multi-location inventory to subscription billing and revenue recognition, Gravity Software covers it all.

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Gravity Software Capabilities

Gravity Software is the only coud-based accounting solution built from the ground up on the Microsoft Power Platform, providing small to medium size businesses the ability to choose the features they need for their unique business. Gravity’s online business solution allows you to easily navigate from back office financials to front office sales, service, and marketing with no need for multiple databases or programs. Business leaders gain real-time visibility into their operations, resulting in the ability to make more informed decisions that impact margins and ultimately improve cash flow.

  • Multi-Entity: Manage your company’s entities or subsidiaries in one database. This robust feature allows for the automated transfer of master files and consolidates reports for multiple organizations on demand.
  • Bill of Materials: Automate your business’s assembly of products in one streamlined solution. Users can build any BOM, even multi-level BOMs.
  • Value-Added (VAT) Taxes: For international users, you can manage both US-based and Foreign taxes in one application.
  • Multi-Location Inventory: Track inventory in multiple warehouses, giving you real-time information about your stock.
  • Multi-Currency: Ability to setup the Organization currency, utilize a different currency for each entity, and the ability to use a different currency to process vendor invoices, customer invoices and cash receipt transactions.
  • Full Role-Based Security: Gravity utilizes security roles to control access to your company’s data to ensure that users cannot see information or create documents that you don’t want them to.
  • Complete Transaction Audit Trail: Provides complete data transparency to your activity with a complete audit trail for every transaction.
  • One Button Correction: Correct a transaction with one click and still maintain a full audit trail.
  • Dimensions: Gravity provides the ability to tag every transaction with dimension codes that allows you to track projects, events, or even repairs to specific activities.
  • Advanced Find Queries: Gravity allows you to slice and dice your data with an easy, yet powerful query tool.
  • Revenue Recognition Module: Appropriately recognize revenue and expenses in the period they’re earned.
  • Subscription Billing Module: Take control of recurring billing cycles and automate the creation of future invoices and customer payments.
  • Job Cost Module: Provide real-time insights in the financial status of a job.
  • And more

As a subscription cloud-based accounting software, Gravity allows users to pay as they go. There are no maintenance fees involved, and no need for on-site servers or ongoing maintenance. There are no special report writers to purchase, no high cost of implementation, just pure and simple innovative business technology. 

Let Gravity Software Improve Your Accounting

Don’t just take it from us, let Gravity Software customers do the talking!

When QuickBooks and Sage couldn’t keep up with our company’s multiple entity needs, we decided to make the switch to an enterprise accounting solution. We were constantly logging in and out of multiple applications to get the data we needed. We needed the ability to run consolidated financials and QuickBooks and Sage were a nightmare when it came to this. We were constantly slowed down, and our growing business needed more. If we had not chosen Gravity, this tedious work would have continued. Daniel Rodriguez, Director of Finance, Alivi

“Being able to implement Gravity with little cost has been the biggest help for our growing dental practice. Some packages cost tens of thousands of dollars — Gravity is the PERFECT solution, from a financial standpoint, for small to medium size businesses with multiple locations. Michelle Keckler, Accounting Coordinator, The Smile

We’re now able to get our (previous) months closed by the fourth day of each month, with all reports printed and everything ready to go. It’s just a tremendous savings in terms of screen time and effort. I can get those done way ahead of time, get them planned … then just jump from one to another and get them closed. It’s almost automatic.“ Robert Everman, COO, Onefire Holding Co.