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Small to mid-size firms. Works best with the Thomson-Reuters CS Professional Suite of Products.


  • Store virtually any Windows-based document or scanned image by simply selecting FileCabinet CS as the printer. Scan virtually any source document and add it to your client’s electronic files for easy reference.
  • FileCabinet CS automatically recognizes the client name, originating application, document type, time-stamp, and appropriately files any document it receives from any other CS Professional Suite application.
  • Interfaces with all Windows-based software and seamlessly integrates with all CS Professional Suite and Thomson Tax & Accounting products. This integration flexibility helps you organize and process documents and files more efficiently — and without repeatedly opening and closing applications.
  • Advanced security options simplify access control; you can easily create groups of users and assign security privileges to each group.

Brief Product Description and Pricing

FileCabinet CS is designed for Accountants in public practice with specific emphasis on Tax service, but may be applied to Audit and other client-related files as well. The product is now available as a Client/Server solution, as well as a Cloud solution via the Internet.

Pricing for FileCabinet CS Generally starts at $2,675 per license, but it is based on the number of users and other considerations. Pricing will differ by firm. A quote must be provided by your Account Representative.

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Commentary (The following is provided by the Editor with notes and comments from others.)

Once your documents are stored in FileCabinet CS, they can be organized and managed. Organize documents in folders and view folder lists. Annotate documents using text, highlighting, image files, or audio clips, and save commonly used stamps. Embed files, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel documents, for quick editing later. Archive documents for safekeeping and less clutter.

Instant Access and Document Sharing with documents securely stored and logically organized in FileCabinet CS, they are instantly available to multiple staff members whenever they’re needed. Instantly access documents from your computer or any networked station and from within your CS Professional Suite programs. Find any client folder by simply entering the first few characters of the client’s ID or name. Search for documents by name or keywords. Email password-protected documents or fax documents directly to clients, banks, etc., in seconds. Give clients 24/7 access to documents on your website with NetClient CS private client portals.

Enjoy remote access to documents and CS Professional Suite applications with Virtual Office CS. Fast and Easy Scanning and Image-Management features FileCabinet CS offers comprehensive image scanning and management capabilities that help you easily scan, file, and organize documents for quick access during your workflow processing. Scan images of source documents into FileCabinet CS by placing the document on a TWAIN-compliant scanner or document feeder and clicking the Scan button in the FileCabinet CS toolbar.

Organize images the way you want them, so they are ready when you need them during processing. Sort, annotate, and reorder pages in a group of scanned images, and tag each group with keywords to speed later searches.

Simple, Powerful Workflow Processing – The file structure in FileCabinet CS looks quite a bit like your paper files — but with flexibility paper can never offer. Maintain different virtual “file cabinets” for different types of data (such as firm data, client data, or data for branch offices) and transfer document names and folder names from one data location to another. Create a global filing structure and custom naming conventions to ensure that all staff members use consistent filing methods. Automatically track the history of events (such as adding clients or overwriting documents) and keep a comprehensive and printable log that includes who completed each task for a client.

Automatically files based on application and time period. Documents are placed into the appropriate application folder and period-based subfolder. Automatically indexes documents: each page of a file is named and numbered (e.g., 1040, page 1). This makes storing and organizing fast and efficient for documents such as tax returns, financial statements, W-2s, 1099s, invoices, engagement workpapers, images of fixed assets, tax plans, payroll reports, and more. Allows you to embed files, such as Word documents or Exce spreadsheets — and enables you to edit those documents without ever leaving FileCabinet CS or opening another program.

Easy-To-Use Help and Support Systems includes a comprehensive built-in Help system that provides a variety of ways to get help and learn about program features. In addition to the comprehensive Help options, our Knowledgebase is available free to all our software users — it’s fast, convenient, and always available.


Technical Specifications

Minimum Requirements:

  • Processor Intel or AMD 2 Ghz 64-bit processor
  • RAM 2 GB
  • SQL Server (optional) The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SQL 2017, SQL 2016, SQL 2014, and SQL 2012
  • Monitor 15” monitor with a resolution of 1024×768 and a default dpi of 100%
  • Operating SystemThe 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Server 2019, Server 2016, or Server 2012 R2*.
Technical specs

Thomson Tax & Accounting products are designed for professional production work. System requirements are based on the assumption that professional accounting firms replace their computer hardware and operating systems approximately every three years. While products may operate on less powerful hardware and operating systems, Thomson-Reuters does not believe it will perform at a level suitable for production work in those environments. Of course, as processing speed and RAM are increased, software performance will also improve.

We recommend workstation class computers, which generally offer higher levels of performance than desktop models when running business applications. A full list of system requirements are posted at the corporate web site.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

FileCabinet CS integrates with other products from Thomson-Reuters and specifically the CS Professional Suite.

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