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Doc.It is a scalable solution for firms of all sizes.

They typically serve clients in public accounting practices with 20 or fewer licenses; however, Doc.It Suite seamlessly accommodates firms with three to 300 users, in single- or multi-site environments.


  • Non-proprietary data storage format, utilizing Microsoft Windows’ folder structure.
  • Runs on your existing Windows servers, eliminating the need for additional expensive hardware or software, such as SQL or Adobe. Documents are stored in universally-accepted PDF format.
  • Can capture, OCR, convert, and archive any paper, fax or electronic document.
  • Direct integration with Outlook for managing email.
  • Customizable security and version control providing secure access, and preventing files or folders from being accidentally overwritten, moved or deleted.
  • A familiar folder system and powerful search engine makes finding documents a breeze.
  • Supports multiple office locations and remote access with full support for Terminal Services and Citrix.
  • DockIt Press Release 5 Star Rating


  • Capture, convert, and archive any paper or electronic document
  • Effortlessly scan, OCR, convert, and archive volumes of paper
  • Automatically capture, convert, OCR, and route all incoming faxes
  • Convert, combine, and archive your Outlook e-mails with attachments
  • Further, Doc.It Import will batch-convert entire folders of documents for fast archiving

Brief Product Description and Pricing DocIT- resized

Doc.It Suite provides a complete document management and workflow solution to the public accounting practice. It is perhaps the most comprehensive we have seen in terms of its ability to offer a beginning-to-end solution, with personal attention and guided assistance implementing its solution. The Suite is installed in over 250 accounting practices throughout North America. While Doc.It Suite fits a practice of any size, it is very competitively priced for an accounting practice from 15 persons up. Doc.It’s unique subscription model makes it easy for small firms to license the product with minimal commitment.

Doc.It Suite is a complete digital document management solution that includes software, training, and implementation methodology developed by accountants for accountants. Doc.It Suite enables firms to become more responsive and profitable by centralizing all document streams into a secure and searchable library of non-editable PDF files and originals. The Doc.It WorkFlow Manager provides integrated tools to manage “unpublished” documents and to track tasks.

Doc.It Suite manages files originating in many software applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, CaseWare, and CCH TaxPrep and CCH ProSystem fx. You no longer have to route documents into a maze of folders. Any “printable” document can be stored in the client’s folder in your Doc.It Archive so you have, at any given time, a true and accurate picture of all documents pertaining to your client including faxes, emails, letters, statements, and tax returns. All engagement-related documents can be neatly organized and managed in binders, in the way with which most accountants are familiar. The Work-In-Process Binder shows you document status and progress at a glance.

Technical specs

Technical Specifications

Doc.It Suite is a Windows-based solution. A Windows 10 Server or better is recommended. 

The PDF Editor functions as a direct replacement for Adobe Acrobat Standard and the Doc.It® Viewer. In addition to all of the features Adobe Acrobat provided, Doc.It has added highly desirable user functions specific to the accounting industry. 

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

Doc.It Suite does require some technical skills and understanding of filing and working digital documents to install properly; however, Doc.It provides several layers of support and implementation options, including installation support, and onsite or webinar-based end-user training, which may range from a day or two to several days for larger firms.

  • Doc.It® PDF Editor – Intuitively designed for accountants, this application replaces the Adobe Acrobat Standard Editor.
  • Doc.It® PDF Composer – A multi-document PDF program used to create new PDFs from existing PDFs.
  • Doc-It® Scan + OCR – A highly comprehensive scanning and document recognition feature with integrated high-speed OCR for most scanners.
  • Doc.It AFR – Advanced Forms Recognition for tax forms or any other document type works in conjunction with Doc.It® Scan.
  • Doc.It® PDF Printer – Fully Adobe compatible printer driver for converting any document to PDF format.
  • Doc.It® Binder – Integrated folder-based document manager to manage all work-in-process documents.
  • Doc.It® Archive – A secure folder-based PDF archive stores the final or “published” version of all engagement documents.
  • Doc.It® WorkFlow Manager -The most advanced workflow software in the industry, including the Smart Scheduler feature that streamlines task management through the auto-assignment of staff to specific tasks based on real-world parameters.
  • Doc.It® 2-Way Web Portal – Bi-directional Web portal for online collaboration with clients.

Company History and Contact Information

Doc.It is led by Brock Philp, President and CEO. Philp has had an illustrious and successful career in managing the growth of several prominent software companies. Doc.It was founded by Howard Brown, who started Micro Business Systems Inc. in 1984 as a developer and supplier of custom networked accounting and office automation software systems for companies that required custom solutions. During the 1990’s and into 2000, the Company developed a document management and archiving software system that would accommodate all types of documents and is aimed at firms from three to 300 users, and software for single or multi-site environments. This document management system evolved, resulting in Doc.It®. The company has continued to develop the product and released version 3.6 in 2012, with new and enhanced features in the Suite, including:

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Doc.It® SCAN

  • Can automate direct scanning to Inbox, Archive, or WIP Binders using intelligent scan separator pages.


  • Supports Extract Pages and Thumbnails to rearrange pages using drag and drop™.
  • New Comments palette.


  • Enhanced mobility built into the Binder features.
  • Customizable Policy Manager to simplify file naming and Binder location.


  • Smart MS Excel feature saves time by auto-adjusting Excel columns which eliminates the need to manually adjust column width to accommodate large numbers hidden by 
  • Detection and removal of blank Excel sheets and improved support for protected Excel sheets.
  • Multiple PDFs from an Excel print job are detected and automatically combined into one PDF.


  • Support for multi-company clients.
  • Multi-office Doc.It® users can now share a central portal.
  • Automatic bi-directional email notification.
  • Enhanced reporting for activity, download, and delivery.
  • Rewritten using the feature capabilities of the MS .NET framework.


  • Attach original files (i.e. MS Word and Excel) to PDF files in the Agent Inbox.
  • New Forms Menu to simplify printing Scan Separator Pages.
  • Simplified document split function.
  • Support for programs that create multiple PDFs in a single print job operation (i.e. single PDFs for each Payroll, Tax Return, or client invoice).


  • Non-searchable PDF files are converted to searchable PDF files using Optical Character Recognition.
  • Support for text (.TXT) files.

Remote Desktop Services & CITRIX

  • Outlook Add-in now enables Save to Doc.It® for email messages in these environments.
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  • Improved auto-updates for locked-down work-stations.

Representative Client List

As of this review, Doc.It has approximately 6500 users representing more than 250 accounting firms across the United States and Canada, including:

  • Thorton McCain
  • Bollenback & Forret, PA, CPAs
  • Godfrey Hammel, Danneels & Company, PC
  • Collins Barrow
  • Chan Foucher LeFebvre
  • Kingston Ross Pasnak

Commentary (The following is provided by the Editor with notes and comments from others.)

Doc.It Suite solves many of the problems with Paper Storage by:

  • storing all archived documents in Adobe’s universally accepted non-editable PDF format. All documents are compressed to save space
  • eliminating the labor to retrieve documents by putting all documents at the employee’s fingertips
  • preventing documents from becoming lost or misfiled. Every word of every document is searchable using Doc.It Suite powerful universal search engine
  • enabling Doc.It Suite users to share all documents. This encourages collaboration within an office, while providing the ultimate in folder-based security, assuring that only designated users can access documents
  • eliminating the need to print or photocopy a large portion of documents
  • easily integrating into disaster recovery strategies, in coordination with the client’s regular computer data backups
Doc. IT Headquarters:

United States
Doc.It Corp.
6920 South Cimarron Road, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV, USA 89113

Canada and Outside US:
1425 Cormorant Drive, Suite 201
Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5

Toll free: 888.693.6248, Ext. 1 

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